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My interest in Pilates began during my ballet training in my teens; I attended classes regularly and after a few stints dancing professionally I decided to become a Pilates instructor as well. Becoming a Pilates instructor was one of the best decisions I have ever made; I was delighted to be in the business of building people’s appreciation for their bodies and encouraging their body confidence.


After getting certified in matwork and reformer with STOTT PILATES® in Boston, USA in 2003, Pilates soon become my full-time profession. I worked with a wonderful group of instructors in New Hampshire, USA where I continued learning and growing through mentorship, various workshops, and becoming a certified Movement Training Specialist.

After moving to England in 2013, I worked at several studios in the Greater Manchester region before joining an excellent team of instructors at the Pilates Reformer Studio in Warrington, Cheshire. Now, since May 2017, we call the South Hams our home, and I am delighted to be teaching in this beautiful area.

Over the years, I have worked with clients from all types of movement backgrounds from sports professionals to people with severe movement limitations. My training over the years has delved into rehab-level Pilates and functional movement patterning, and I delight in assisting people in their journey to reduce pain and recover from injuries. I continue to regularly attend workshops partly as it is required to maintain my certification, but mainly because I am endlessly fascinated by the profound effects Pilates can have on our bodies; as modern knowledge continues to expand, I continue to learn and update my teaching to bring the most effective movements and techniques to my clients.

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